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    Default Weather in Negril

    We are looking at booking our next Couples vacation, and would like to head over to the Negril side of the island. Anyone know what the weather is like during the various months of the year? We're flexible, so would like to get the breakdown on rainy season, windy season, or ridiculously hot and humid and of course the best months to go!


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    We've been in feb,march,and april. Driest month was feb, hence highest prices. We now go in April to save money. Spectacular mornings and some rain most afternoons. Usually it will clear up but last week we had some rainy evenings. It was a great trip

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    Default will give you this comparison - we have been to Ocho in January and got rained out for 9 days; Negril in July, (hot and humid) September (hot and humid - 2 of 4 Sept trips changed/delayed due to hurricanes), October (good - afternoon rain as rainy season but lots of morning sun) and November (good weather - not quite as hot as I would like) so on Saturday we are giving April a try LOL

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