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    Default New to couples and the board! CSA.

    We are looking for some info or help! We will be staying at CSA in May. Very excited and looking forward to a great vacation! We are booked in a GVS and hope we like it! Looking for some feed back on these rooms and maybe pictures!! Is there older and newer rooms in the category? Should we req a room not near the road? If we are wanting more privacy req a room higher up and maybe a corner room? Appreciate and info!

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    You're going to love CSA...and you'll go back! All the rooms are awesome; the resort is a pretty narrow strip between the road and the beach, so you hear a little of both no matter where you are. With a maximum of 3 floors, there's not much "higher up" I would ask for a room in the center of the resort, but anywhere they put you, you'll be happy! Enjoy! We just got home yesterday and our countdown til our October trip is already on the computer!

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    Caribbeanlove, email me for gvs pics if you like,

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    Softail19 having issues with email. Can you just pot them here?

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    Sorry Caribbean love, I tried cropping my pics, they appear to be too large. I send them from my Android phone and most of the time, it won't work. I'm not very computer savy. If you get your email working, look me up.

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    May have been able to post a couple, my apologies. If I can be of more help, let me know.

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    Thanks for the pics! We're you in the center of your building? I have heard end rooms have more light? I know we don't want a first floor room!

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    Was your room newer or older section?

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    Older section, in the middle but worked for us except the lighting could be better in the bathroom. My eyesight is poor though. The end rooms have shutters with glass behind them si more light I would imagine.

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