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    We just returned from a glorious week at TI! We were there for the unavailing of the gala on the front lawn. It was FABULOUS ! Outstanding job TI. I will post a full review soon.

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    We were there "opening night" too. It was beautiful. They should keep it on the front lawn and the lighting was gorgeous.

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    Please tell us more about the gala. Going home in 8 months and love to hear updates to tide me over in the mean time. :-)

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    Is the new CTI Gala like the Starlight Gala at CSS?

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    What is the gala?

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    I agree! the lighting was indeed spactacular, and the suckling pig was incredible.

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    Whether it is the Grand Gala (CTI), Starlight Gala (CSS), or International Night (CSA) it is an evening of food stations set up buffet style outside, at CSA around the main pool by the Palms and at CSS and CTI on the lawns. A wide variety of foods from around the world are available with bar service or waiters for drinks and many large round tables for all the guests to share. You dine under the stars with other guests in the romantically lit venue. Musical entertainment is on stage after a little while and it is a fun evening for all. Plan on going if you are available as most restaurants are closed that night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by suzyQ View Post
    Is the new CTI Gala like the Starlight Gala at CSS?

    Yes, it is very much like the Starlight gala at CSS except it is on the front lawn and not beachfront The stage is smaller then CSS's

    We were also their for the opening night

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    on which night is the new gala?

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    Anyone have pictures? I'd love to see them.

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    Saturday Night.

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