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    Default Csa/css review april 4th to 18th

    We have stayed at CSA 6 times and thought we would try one week at CSA and one at CSS this trip. CSA was the Premier Beach Front and at CSS we stayed in a Beach Front Suite. We enjoyed both rooms but they are of completely different style. We found staff to be good at both resorts but CSS wins out. The staff at CSS were more interactive. Front desk, Bellhop, Concierge and Housekeeping were especially pleasant, bubbly and outgoing. Food was excellant at both but CSA does have a larger selection.Both places are beautiful and stairs at CSS were not an issue. The Spa's have completely differant setups, But both were good. Gift shops were well appointed at both, however, CSS was very aggresive to have us purchase items, so much so that it made for an unpleasant experience. Entertainment was good at both. Piano Bar and Diving, no comparrison, CSA hands down. If either of these two items are deal breakers for you stay at CSA. Diving simply is not as good, or as good of an overall experience at CSS. Piano Bar, well those who have experienced an evening with Ultimate Chocolate understand, but he does have the advantage of a better room with a captive audience to work with. The piano player at CSS was good, but the enviroment is not the same, no microphone to sing from and limited view to see him. Simply just not the same experience. Martini bar, CSA all the way.The beach is really not fair to compare but i will comment on the swimming. CSS has a small area roped off and within that area they are portions that is covered in seaweed and the water is no more that 3ft deep. If there were 6 couples in the water you did not have much of a buffer zone. We did not visit the A/N beach during the day but it is nicer. It did appear the A/N drew a bigger crowd as there were never more than about 40 people at the main beach. Transfer from CSA to CSS was a little issue as CSA forgot to arrange our ride and had us waiting in the lobby.
    We had what to many may be considered a major issue at CSS. To us it was cleary an accident and we treated it as such. We sat next to the stage at the beach party and during the flame breathing performance we were saturated with kerosene. Our clothes, hair, coffee and food. We simply left, Showered 3 times and continued our evening of fun. The staff had our clothes cleaned and sent us a bottle of Champage. Not required, but appreciated. My wife was wearing a gauze outfit and was lucky not to catch fire. I am surprized that we did not hear from the manager given the potential averted disaster, however the staff did take care of our needs. Thankyou staff! All in all we enjoyed both locations and booked 2 weeks today for CSA next year.

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    After I submitted this review but before it was posted on the message board we received an e-mail from Nicholas Lynch the operations manager at CSS. His e-mail was not in response to this review, it was a response directed to the comment card we submitted upon leaving the resort. Mr Lynch wanted to let me know that he was in receipt of our comment card and was addressing our concerns.
    We felt it was important to let those who were reading this thread know that we felt Couples got it right. Thanks to Couples and Congratulations.

    Dan & Danielle

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