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    Default CN review,from a repeater.

    Of course the usual flying into Sangster, with the exception of Club Mobay arrival service..Great! Totally worth the money on a Busy Saturday!
    Bus ride was good, did not stop for overpriced beer, thanks to a little tip for the driver.
    Check in, well......Not so great. Finally acknowledged us ,brought Champagne and no cool towels, I understand this is not a big deal, but......if it's one of your trade marks.
    After check in, got to our room...Awww, all was good. Nice and clean and cool. Relaxed a second and then out to the beach.
    Dinner by the pool that night was unapproachable, nothing could compare, great food, great presentation. The next day breakfast buffet great as usual. That's when we met Dophina. What a gem of a person and a employee worth her wait in gold.
    All in all the food was great, with the exception of the Helicona. The experience that night was something I thought Couples would never put up with. Terrible service, staff was just plain rude, and dumb. Could not even remember if they had brought you your food yet, got my salad twice that night, and the wait......well LONG beyond Jamaican time. I was totally shocked. Not the Couples I know and love.
    Little did I know I would run into this theme more than once this week. The Cassava on Friday nights dinner, just about the same thing, with added cool food. Again I could not believe this was the Couples I had known for so many years.
    This week was special as I did end up marrying the love of my life there. And when I came to the Wedding and the prep. Spotless, everything was on the mark. Thanks Sosha! Andrew the photographer was great, really knew is job.
    The ground crew seemed to be half of what is used to be, there was Seaweed on the beach not much, but it was still there from the big rain the night before. You would have never seen that before!
    But all in all the grounds seemed in good shape.
    Not sure if the new management is still adjusting or what is going on.
    But for anyone wanting to go, do it. The old girl is showing a little age, but look how much she goes through all the time 24/7.
    Some small suggestions for Ricardo..put hand soap back in the bathrooms, that oh so inconvenient bottle of body wash, doesn't cut it . Heard this from every guest I talked too.
    Make the beach the priority for the crew. Now to give props Everon, fantastic job. Dophina unbelievable, Tracey and Tanya in Lychee..outstanding. Anyone on the cleaning crew that touched my room...AMAZING!
    So there a review from one who has been there in the past and present.

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    Thank you for the review. We went to CSS for the first time in March. We got married there, and everything was perfect. I booked our one year anniversary trip, and we are doing a split stay between negril and sans souci. My wife is concerned that we won't like negril as much. Hopefully any kinks that are going on right now, will be worked out by the time we get there.

    April 2014 Soon Come

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