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    Default What floor is best for rooms? (CSA)

    I'm going to CSA for my honeymoon in May after having the resort strongly recommended to me by several family members.

    My question is this: What are the advantages and/or disadvantages to being on the 1st floor vs. the 2nd or 3rd floors? My family always stayed on the ground floor and liked getting fresh coffee and muffins on their deck each morning. It would also seem easier to be able to enter and exit the room if you're on the ground. However, I've heard that higher floors offer better views and more privacy.

    I'm most curious to hear from people who have stayed on the ground floor AND a higher floor, because you will be able to compare and contrast each option. However, I'm happy to hear from anyone who has insight.

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    Hi MCF. We usually stay on the original side, in a BFS, but have stayed on both the 1st and second floor. While it's nice to be on the first floor for easier ingress and egress, we really like the second floors. Nicer view, better privacy, and you can look out at the beach without anyone looking at you as they walk by. (Not that it's really all THAT intrusive even on the first floor....) The only real drawback as I see it is that room service has to walk through your room to set your breakfast on the patio. The few times we weren't there, they woudl set our breakfast on the little ledge outside our room. (not sure if they have those on the BFVS side...)

    Hope this helps. Please feel free to ask any other questions.

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    We've stayed on both the third floor and the first floor. There are pros and cons of each but I think we like the first floor better and will request one on our 4th trip to CSA in Dec.

    The third floor does provide more privacy if you don't want people glancing your way as they walk by your room. The stairs can become a burden if you aren't used to them or if you make a lot of trips back and forth to your room. We spend the mornings on the beach and the afternoons in our room or on the verandah as the day heats up so we made lots of trips up and down the stairs. Having your breakfast delivery coming through your room to the verandah is also a minus if you like privacy in the morning or one of you likes to sleep late.

    We enjoyed the first floor on the last trip, especially with a corner room. Being on the ground floor does allow you interact with other people and staff as they walk by. We spent the last trip watching/enjoying a family of kittens who were living in the area. The corner room is great as the verandah has two open sides on it. Ease of entering and exiting the room is about the same as an upper floor, except for the stairs. I don't believe you can lock/unlock your verandah door from the outside (there's a deadbolt on the inside) so you have to exit from the "front" door every time or leave your room unlocked (not recommended).

    There might be a better view from an upper floor as you might be above the vegetation. View from our room is not as important to us as it is to others. Every second in Jamaica is a view, as far as we're concerned, and we can easily get any view we want just by going there.

    Hope this helps. Tammy

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    We've stayed in both the third and first floors of the BFVS and both were great. The third floor had a better/further view of the sunsets, etc., and we didn't hear people above us walking around late - but the first floor was so convenient to walk right out to the beach and also had spectacular views. We never found the first floor to be lacking in privacy. Most people walk by and smile/say hi if you're sitting there, but not intrusive. It really just depends on what you're looking for, but you don't always have a choice anyway. You can request, but there are no guarantees. For me, the stairs were a bit much going up and down several times during the day for the third floor, but because I was feeling lazy. Otherwise, any room I'm sure will be wonderful!

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