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    Default Resort Orientation

    With just only four weeks to our first visit to Jamaica and having read nearly all the messages on these forums over the last few weeks to say I can't wait is an understatement.

    One question I have is about the Resort Orientation as no one seems to have mentioned it - The reason I want to know about it is because over the years we have been fortunate to go on many a holiday abroad and everywhere has a "Welcome Meeting" where the travel agent spends about 5-10 minutes telling you about the resort and what seems like an hour giving you the hard sell on local trips so they can earn commission on your bookings so as a result we don't bother attending.

    Obviously at CSS virtually everything is included so I can't see any reason for the 'hard sell' so I am guessing its either a trek around the resort with a guide pointing out places of interest or you sit in a group while someone tells you about everything so what exactly is the Resort Orientation and is it worth attending and how long does it take or can you just pick up a map of the resort and activities timetable from reception and then discover things yourself as you venture around the site.

    We are only there for 10 nights and hope to be by the pool or beach soaking up the sun on our first full day there so need to know whether its worth missing out on the sun and trekking to the lobby or not.

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    Hi. We are headed there next week for a second visit. Love the place. The resort is a bit spread out but I wouldn't see need for the orientation. Pick up a map and take an hour stroll and you'll feel right at home. Hope you enjoy.

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    If you feel by reading these boards and other on-line information you already have a good understanding of what the resort has to offer, then the orientation will really just point out where things are for you. I'd skip it. Things aren't hard to find. Spend a few minutes looking over the information provided in your room and take some time each day and wonder around a bit and you'll discover things that are not on the tour, or talked about much here.

    Scott and June

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    I think it's worth going, if for nothing other than meeting the tour guide-usually it's one of the entertainment staff, and they're all great! But don't feel bad if you miss it either.

    And you're right, we've been at other resorts that you'd definitely want to skip the "orientation".

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    I recommend you take it. It's only about 1/2 hour long and like krazykeith said, it's a staff member. Ours was Chad and he remembered us throughout our stay. It was a good way to literally 'orient' ourselves to the resort, and to get some insider info. It's a good investment of time. They won't try to sell you anything.


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    we did it the first time to CSS
    It is nice to meet a couple of people
    it is usually one of the entertainment staff that leads it which is a good person to get to know!
    CSS has a lot of nooks and crannies so it can be helpful to have someone walk you around to see where everything is.
    I recommend it

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    I recommend it, just like a few other people have said. It doesn't take long and a staff member leads the orientation. We were frequenters of the message board, but thought it would be nice to see if there was anything we missed. We didn't really find out a ton of stuff we hadn't already researched, but we met others who were starting their stay, and that was fun! One of the couples we met up with multiple times throught our stay and have kept in touch for the past 2 1/2 years now! I think it's worth it! Plus, just grab a drink on the way to orientation and you can stroll through CSS with drink in hand!

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