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    Default March Maniacs 2014

    Booked our next trip home a few days ago. March 8th 2014 is a long ways away, but at least have our marker down. Best part - staying one additional day this time.


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    We will be there on March 8th also

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    My fiancée and I are getting married on March 8th, 2014 and then will be honeymooning at Couples Tower Isle from March 9-16th and then at Couples Negril from March 16th-23rd. 200 more days. But who's counting. Lol.

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    We will be there March 7- 17. Flying out of Chicago. Will be our 7th trip to Couples Negril and 10th trip to Jamaica. Can't wait to get back.

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    Fourth trip...March 7-15...will post a pic from home in the next day or two. Back to March after April last year! Chris n Angie too...hopefully Tim n Tamara...

    Bob n Nancy

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    Be there from March 8--14 first trip

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    One day earlier! Arrive from Dallas March 7-13

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    Just booked our 3rd trip to Couples Negril. We will be there March1-8. Seems so far away but still excited.

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    march 11 - 15 doing split vacation with CN and CSA ,, 2nd time to CN .... 156days 17hrs 19 min 30sec

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    Update to the original post (#1 above). Had to adjust dates due to work. New dates: 12 - 23 March. Found out 6 of our friends will be there at the same time. Looking forward to seeing old friends.

    Cheers -

    CN: Feb 2010, Mar 2011, Mar 2012, Mar 2013, Apr 2014, Apr 2015, Apr 2016, Apr 2017

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    Can we get a little activity here for March?

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    I hope this is a pic of us from last year...hope some others will post. See you 7-15 for our fourth trip home!!
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    We are going to be there March 14-21

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    Quote Originally Posted by kiddo View Post
    Can we get a little activity here for March?
    Hey Bob, Nick and JoAnne from 2years ago. We arrive 3/14. See you soon.

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    Nick and JoAnne, that's outstanding!! Look forward to seeing you again! getting closer!

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    Will be there March 23-29. First time to CN, have been to CTI twice. Anyone else going in our time frame? Looking for must do's and advice on CN. So excited going to be a long 3 months waiting.

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    We will be there 3/19 - 3/29.

    My wife and I went there one year and decided the following year to return and get married. We also went for a long weekend during Christmas
    and we haven't strayed from there since and this will be our 12th trip and our 10th anniversary.
    We are from the northeast and like going toward the end of March because the days are longer and the water is marner in Jamiaca and when
    we return home the weather has improved; more spring like feel.

    M+S - I hope you enjoy CN versus CTI. It's a much smaller and more rustic resort and the beach is wonderful. We've met a lot of people
    who have travelled to a lot of other resorts and have raved about the beach. We have only tried CSA for three days and actually spent
    one of those days back at CN so we could be on the AN section. We are so looking forward to chillaxing and seeing many of our friends
    that we have made over the years.
    If there's anymore questions you have feel free to ask.
    Yah Mon!

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    Congratulations kkinmass on your anniversary. Looking forward to meeting you. Is the resort usually crowded at this time of year?

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    M+S - Thanks!
    They always say the resort is booked solid but you never get that feel?

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    We were married at CN in 2007 and are currently planning our 4th trip back to Couples. We haven't booked yet but will probably arrive around the 15th. We're getting so excited!
    I can practically smell the relaxing salt water, feel the warm Jamaican sun on my skin, and taste the Dirty Bananas now!!! All though the Lychee martinis are also calling my name along with the many others that are on my "To Drink List"!

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    Been busy around here starting to get it on our mind!

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    The Alversons will be there, first timers, 15th anniversary/wife's 40th birthday-March 17-23!!Name:  IMG_2540.jpg
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    cowboy620 what time does your plane land in Jamaica? We will be in 12:30 on March 7.

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    Umm 2:30 leave Dfw 9:55 or so

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    First Timers - we'll be there March 3-10
    Nicole and Ken

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