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    Default Pregnant while at Couples-advice?

    Hello! One of our guests will be about 4 months along while at Couples CTI with us and I was wondering if anyone had any great advice I could pass along to her?

    Thank you from her and I and future niece or nephew! : )

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    Ok, I'll bite, what kind of advice are you looking for? Dont' drink, relax and enjoy, if she has a massage be sure to let them know she is pregnant.
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    Just this - have a great time!!

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    I don't really have any advice other than to say that the mom to be can have lots of tropical non-alcoholic drinks .... No worries there.

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    My words of wisdom are to have sex often. She can't get pregnant again.

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    No diving!

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    I went to cti 32 weeks pregnant. My advice would be to let the staff know you are pregnant. The treatment I received that trip was so incredible! I felt like a princess, even more than I usually do at couples!
    Also, get over to the island!

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    We will be heading to CSS in 66 days and I'll be about 3 months along while we're there.

    I have read that skin can be more sensitive to UV light during pregnancy, so tell her to be sure to wear lots of sunscreen and/or spend a lot of time in the shade. Fortunately I know that they provide plenty of shade. Also, no hot tubs.

    We visited CSS in January, so I know this will be a very relaxing time for us, only Hubby will be doing all of our drinking. I'll be spending a lot of time at the juice bar, I'm sure! It will be a different vacation for me than it was when we were there in January, but I'm looking forward to it just as much, if not more!

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    I passed this along to my little sis (the pregnant one)! Thank you all so much!

    By 'no diving' that's scuba, right?

    She was also uncertain about going to Dunn's River falls and participating-thoughts?

    Is there any particular food or beverages to avoid (aside from the ones with extra spice in them : ) ?

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