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    Got to get this back to the top. Don't forget everyone, the fifth annual ( if I am counting correctly ) Christmas Hatters party on December 17th @ 1:30 pm. Bring your Christmas hats to the pool bar at that time and let the party start. Don't forget, I'm buying the first round of Bob Marleys!!


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    I'm ready. We can't wait. It's been too long. Hoping to go on an outside trip this time. Would love to see the Appleton Rum factory again.
    Karin and Jim.

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    Hey guys - unfortunately we are not going to be able to make CN this yr. I am really bummed, but you need to have a great time and have a few drinks for Larry and I. We will be there in spirit.

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    I'll have to say I'm a little surprised that nobody has took me up on my offer of free drinks at the Christmas Hatters party!! This is the only time of the year that I can buy a round of Bob Marleys. Come on people, help me out here

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    Jim and I will be there. We can't wait.

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    I'll take you up on a beer or dirty banana. Jeff doesn't do hard alcohol and I don't have the guts to try a Bob Marley. So will you still buy our drinks?
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    I will take you up on your round of drinks...please make mine a Hummingbird with a red stripe light!!
    30 Days for us! Can't wait to see everyone!!
    Have a Happy Day!

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    I'll buy whatever drinks you would like Just because I suck down the Bob Marleys doesn't mean you guys have to in order to get me to pick up your tab!! It's all Irie

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    28 days for us. Where are you Melodeeeeeee?

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    28 days!!!!! I've got a very busy next 4 weeks so hopefully time will fly!
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    I am here, Carolyn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So excited!! 23 more days!!
    You are definitely buying my drinks!
    Now I just have to remember to pack a Xmas Hat!!

    Going to miss Debbie and Larry though

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    Don't forget your hats, guys!!

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    Hi Carolyn!

    Sorry Meredith and I wont be there to be your provider of Marley's.

    Went in May with Daughter and her Boyfriend after I lost my job in February! Business closed! Worked out for the best thou, Had a new one in three weeks that is much more rewarding. Just have to build the vacation time back up. We are going back this next April, but we are planning on two trips in 2015, so we will see you all then.

    We will be missing you all! You are all such a fun group!!!

    Meredith came home with two new Christmas hat's today for the 15 trip. She must not be thinking about it already! lol

    We hope you all have a great time! Like you wont! lol. Have an extra shot and think of us in the 10 degree weather here at home.

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    They aren't original, but I found the Christmas Hats this weekend. Now to start the packing process. Hope they fit in with everything else as I'm trying to pack in small bags as I always over pack large suitcases.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Oh no, Louie, please don't tell me that you and Meredith are not going to be there! Larry and Debbie are also going to be missing this year. I did promise Debbie that we would have a drink for her and Larry, so I guess we'll just have to have a drink for you two as well. That is, if they haven't cut me off already! So glad everything worked out with your job and things seems to be going smoothly. We will miss you but we'll look forward to seeing you next year. We will be there Dec 10th to Dec. 22nd, 2014. By the way, where is home to you? We are in western Ky. and expecting some nasty weather starting today. Hopefully, we can get to Indy by 6:00 am on Monday for our flight out!!

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    Sounds fun! Hats are so hot in the heat, can we wear Xmas visors instead?

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    Thanks to everyone who joined us for our Christmas Hatters party. It was lots of fun with lots of repeaters and lots of new people, too. Watch the message board for 2014 date and time.

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    We had good intentions of joining you all but couldn't get off our loungers. Maybe next time.
    Ronda and Doug
    COR Dec. 2007
    CTI Dec. 2009
    CSS Dec. 2008, Dec. 2012, Dec. 2014
    CN Dec. 2011, Dec. 2013

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