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    Default Flights From Southwest Florida

    Can anybody tell me if there is such a thing as a non-stop flight from southwest Florida to Montego Bay?

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    Jet Blue is non stop from Orlando, don't know what you by "Southwest Florida"

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    Not sure exactly where you are at but we drive from Tampa to Orlando for a direct flight with JetBlue. Also, many flights come from Fort Lauderdale so you could drive there for a direct flight.
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    American has a direct from MIA

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    Thanks for your responses. We'll be leaving from the Fort Myers area. When I checked Jet Blue, they didn't have anything going to Jamaica. I also checked Air Tran, but they only have flights open through January, 2014.

    I could NOT miss the early booking goodies, however, so I booked with Delta and we'll go up to Atlanta first.

    It's screwy, though. I checked United, and they go up to Charlotte, NC first. Then I checked American, and they go to Dallas first.

    I checked flights out of Fort Myers, Tampa and Miami. Orlando is about a 3.5 hour drive from where we'll be.

    Now begins the countdown until next February. 294 days... And, thanks again for your input!

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