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    Hi! I am looking for the Kim that has donated school supplies.....I too am planning to bring a suitcase full and was hoping for advice on contacts/customs....I searched the past threads and read something about a contact named Maureen - ? Please help, & thanks in advance for any info!

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    Hi Busymom, Just in case Kim doesn't see this post.... the Maureen that she refers to is Maureen Miller at CN...
    I believe that Maureen goes with Kim and Wayne to visit a local school each visit and they give out all the supplies and goodies to the children... Isn't that a GREAT Thing!
    Art xo Francine

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    Hello there! Art and Francine are correct. We met Maurine Miller at Couples Negril. She has been terrific in helping me get the school supplies and candy and of course toothbrushes and paste to the children. We wanted a school with younger children because of all the things our friends gave us to take. Maurine probably could direct you to another school if you wanted to see older children. We go to the Ironshore Kindergarden in Negril. Next year we are going to take seed packets so the kids can plant a garden at the school!! We also donated cash to each of the four classes so they could buy some things that they needed. We had to go first class because with all the donations we had 3 suitcases just for the kids!! Do you feel sorry for me?? LOL. Thank you for donating to a very worthy cause!!! Kim Robinson

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    Thanks so much!! I will try to contact her.

    A couple more questions: Have you ever experienced problems getting through customs with large quatities of supplies? I have read something about bringing a letter from the proposed donation recipient just in case? I sure don't want to have problems getting everything there once I have set this up! We will mostly be bringing basic school supplies (gluesticks/crayons/etc.). Thank you again for your time!

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    We never had a problem going through customs. If we did, we would tell them the name of the school or that we had some things for the Jamaican children. I don't think that they would give you any problems. Any questions for me please let me know. My e-mail address is Good luck and thank you again for thinking about the kids. Kim Robinson

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    I hope that you saw all my replies. These threads tend to get buried pretty fast. So i am bumping this up just in case!! Kim Robinson

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    Hi Kim! Yes, I got it, and I just sent you an email as well. Thanks so much for your help!

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    I sent you an e-mail on Sunday. Please let me know if you got it. I'm having problems with sending e-mails. If not let me know and I will use my husband's e-mail address. Thanks. Kim Robinson

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    Got it - thanks!! I'll keep you posted!

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    Hello there!! I'm just curious if you e-mailed Maurine yet. Please let me know what she had to say. You will probably have to go to the school early on in your trip? I think you are going near Thanksgiving?? Let me know if I can help you at all!!. Have a great trip!! Kim Robinson

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    Hi again!

    Yes, she emailed me back explaining that while it is still too early to confirm the availability of a shuttle during that time, they would do what they can to arrange a visit during our stay. We'll see! Thanks again for your help & I'll keep in touch!

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