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    Default Young couples welcome?

    My husband and I are in our 20s. We are looking to book a trip to Jamaica and Couples seem to have the best quality for the best price. We are not your typical partying young couple, but I also don't want to be on a resort with no one our age. Any thoughts/recommendations?

    We're just looking for a great place with pretty beaches where we can relax. Any other young couples visited the Couples Tower Isle? Or anyone have any idea on the age demographic? We're not expecting everyone to be young by any means, but it'd be nice to know there would be other couples in our age group that we could relate to.

    Any thoughts/advice appreciated

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    My husband and I along with our friends are all in our late 20's. We are headed to CSS in May for our second trip. At no time on our first trip did we feel like we were out of place because of our age! There were couples of all age groups when we were last there. You will not regret spending a vacation at any of the couples! We have 28 days till we leave for our second trip to CSS and we can't wait

    Good luck!


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    You will probably get this response many times, but age seems to disappear when we arrive at Couples. In fact, I believe that having a mixed age group makes the experience richer. You will be welcomed by all!!

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    No worries mon!

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    My wife and I are 28 and this October will be our 3rd trip to Couples (once to CSA, Once to CSS, and now back to CSA) We have always found that Couples has a nice mix of younger and older. Most younger couples are on their honeymoon as we did in 2009 on our first trip. You are more than welcome and will have a blast.

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    We were there in February and there really was all ages!!! My wife and I are mid 30's and we did not feel there was not a good representation of any age group.

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    I would say that every age group is welcome.

    The wife and I went to CTI two years ago for our first visit (sadly, we don't meet the "young" criteria, we're early 40s) and there was a couple I would estimate in their mid- to late-20's

    We saw them twice, both times going out to the Isle, and they were welcomed by everyone there.

    There were also younger folks on the beach, enough to get a decent game of volleyball going one of the days.

    Trust me, you won't be out of place.

    CTI in 39(!!!) days!

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    CSA typically has a good mix of yourger and older guests.

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    If you're looking for a great beach, you might want to consider the Negril side of the island instead of the Ocho Rios side (CTI & CSS) so either Couples Negril or Swept Away .... CN has the AN area that CSA doesn't have if you're interested in that. Negril has the long white sand beaches. As far as the age of guests, you are going to find a mix .... Anything from 20 to 80 (& even older at times) at all of the resorts. We have not been to CTI but at CN, CSA, & CSS no age guest would feel out of place. My husband & I are now just over 50 (51 & 52) but when we first started going to Jamaica, we were in our 30's & tried a couple of other resorts before finding Couples .... It's by far THE BEST so you've chosen wisely. You will make new friends in your own age group & you will make new friends in every age group while at Couples ...... It is really strange, how age doesn't seem to be a factor once you get there.

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    Thank you everyone for all of your feedback! I can't wait to go to Jamaica! Especially now that we've decided on a Couples resort!

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    I asked myself this same question last year when we took our first trip to CSS. We are both is our 20's and like a few drinks and a good time but by no mean do you like you "party hard" or stay up all night. We just needed a nice relaxing vacation where we were able to lay on the beach and forget about our lives a home for a week. So let me ease your worries we absolutely loved it!!! There were younger couples there but as a previous post said once you are there the whole "age" thing goes away. We made some great friends with a few young couples along with a handful of others of all ages. You are choosing to stay at a Couples resort which means you are going to have an amazing time no matter what resort you choose. We were so impressed with Couples our Honeymoon is planned for May of next year at CSA and I couldn't be any more excited SO..... No Worries Mon!

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    WE just came back from CSS today and there couples of all ages . Plus everyone speaks to each other there , easy to strike up a conversation with any couple , no matter the age . I don't think you will feel out of place .

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    My husband and I spent a week at CTI for our honeymoon - he was 24 and I was 23 - and we encountered many, MANY couples in their 20s. In fact, we made friends with two other particular couples who were also there celebrating their honeymoons and the oldest of all of us was 27. We never felt out of place and can't wait to return. You will love your time at CTI, don't worry!

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    We are in our late 20's and will be at CTI in September, come join us lol! We LOVE Jamaica and our first trip to Couples (CSA) was for our wedding (I was 22) and we met many younger couples and those young at heart. To be honest we had a blast with those young at heart they actually put us to shame at the pool bar! I will never forget is couple from Texas, who suggested we try a Bob Marley shot we had a blast with them our entire stay! Just go with an open mind age really doesn't matter at Couples!

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    My fiancé and I are in our mid to late 20's!!! We will be at CSA in September for our honeymoon)

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    Mid 40's here...But don't hold it against'll fit in just dandy. Enjoy your trip!

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    We started going to Couples when I was in my mid 20's and have continued to go as I get into my *sigh* late 20's. We get a long with everyone at the resort no matter their age. You can't go wrong with Couples!
    Honeymoon @ CSA 2010; CSS 2011 & 2012; CTI June 2013

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    I am 26 and my husband is 33. We just returned from our second trip to CTI. Both trips we hung out with couples that were older than us (most older than our parents). But that was mostly because we spent the majority of our time on the island.

    CTI did have a younger demographic this time but you never know what age group you will have on your trip.

    I really wouldn't worry about age. Leave your worries at home. Smile at everyone you see. Relax. You will have a good time.
    Juell and Andy (Jandy)

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    Just got back from CSS (age 28/29). We became very good friends with three other couples under 35 while we were there. We are definitely in the bottom 3rd of the age range - never noticed. In fact for us the quieter environment of CSS was welcomed. The only time we felt "young" was the entertainment. I don't think any music for the shows was after the 90's with exception of the beach party.

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    We're in our late (ugh) 20s... We were worried a little a first, too - but I've encountered a whole mess of younger people going (or who have went) to a couples resort. Although, I feel like there is no age while on vacation! You'll have fun with who ever you meet. I'm excited for you!

    We will be at CSA this summer! Sigh. So close, yet so far...

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