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Thread: Ginger Beer?

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    Default Ginger Beer?

    Just wondering if anyone knows what brand of Ginger beer is served at the resort? I found some in Canada and was so excited, drank some and it's was like drinking liquid fire! Terrible stuff.

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    I think that they have D&G Ginger Beer which is the most popular brand in Jamaica. We buy it here at Real Canadian Superstore. Geat over ice or with rum as a Dark and Stormy!

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    Awesome I will check out superstore, I noticed they're carrying a bunch of Jamaican food! But it tastes way better on the beach! Thank you!

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    We usually drink the Moscow Mules with ginger beer...definately will need to try this Dark and Stormy

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    They had ginger red stripe at the super bowl party in Feb at CN. That was the only time I saw any

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