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    Having visited CSA in 2008 for our honeymooon, my wife and I are getting ready to plan a return trip for an upcoming anniversary. We couldn't think of going to anywhere else than Swept Away until we started seeing some negative reviews on websites from recent travelers. People claiming that the service is going down hill and something about a change in management. We realize that some people can find the worst in everything and that's why I thought I'd ask the best group of true Couples fans. Our first trip was absolutely wonderful and we want this second one to be just as good. Are we ok to return to our honeymoon spot or should we be looking at Negril instead?

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    We are here now and have had the best service in our 5 trips to csa, no worries!

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    We just returned after 9 days at CSA...we're there twice a year. Service is spectacular. Only complaint is they move a bit slowly with the water (and coffee, although we don't drink it) at the Palms in the morning. Otherwise....superior service everywhere! Happy Anniversary! We got married on the beach yesterday and received the royal treatment!

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    We just got back from CSA and will backup what Suzi mentioned about them moving slowly with the water at Palms. We were having dinner and things started out great, waitress was fun then next thing you know she was rushing around and looked out of sorts. Had to conserve water as it wasn't getting filled as fast as it first was. I saw one of the girls that goes around filling water filling up a glass for an employee at a table close to ours but we didn't get ours filled, that was bothersome. By the time dinner ended it looked like they brought in more staff and things started to smooth out. All in all the service was great but not exactly what I remembered from our last trip a few years ago. I would not visit one of the bars on the beach after catching one of the ladies behind the bar rolling her eyes. They did not talk with anyone and only talked in their language, not friendly at all.

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