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    Default dinner on beach?

    i'm going to CSA for the first time in exactly two weeks!! thinking about surprising my boyfriend with the private dinner on the beach. has anyone done this private beach dinner at CSA? is it worth it? and if it rains do you get a refund? HELP! thanks!

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    Hi Crystal
    It is so worth it, it cost $150.00 @CSA and it was the most romantic time of my life. Our table was only 12' from the water. The service and food was spectacular. I have no idea about the refund when it rains.

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    Which meal did you get? I have been in contact with Sherry, but I can't decided. They both look wonderful.

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    We got steak and lobster.

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    We did the private dinner last year at CSA and really enjoyed it. Our first attempt did get rained out and they re-scheduled for another night. Make sure that you confirm your reservation. We had a couple turned down because they did not confirm their reservation after it had been re-scheduled.

    The food is great and the atmosphere even better. I slipped in a set of 1ct diamond earrings to let my wife know how much I loved her during desert.

    It was well worth the $150.

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    We are thinking of trying it next year, but was wondering about the food.
    Do you order off a menu or is there a pre-planned menu you pick from ahead of time?

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    We had a choice of one of two entrées. We had it set up before we got to the resort. I’m sure the menu has changed but I believe the choices were beef tenderloin or lobster.

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