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    Default CSA Beach Front Suites


    Does anyone have any recent pictures of beach front suite at CSA. We will be there on 5/5 for our honeymoon and would love to see pics to get even more excited about...if that's even possible. Thanks!

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    Default Room 2134 Premier Beachfront Suite

    Here are a few photos of our Beachfront Suite.
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    And maybe some pictures of the stairs going up to the second and third floors?

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    Quote Originally Posted by yazmon View Post
    Here are a few photos of our Beachfront Suite.
    yazmon,just curious, I noticed you stayed in the premier suite, can you tell me what the views are like from the plain beachfront suites, most pics i have seen are from the premiers and we can't swing oneof those but still love the idea of the windows and listening to the ocean but worry our views are not going to be quite as sweet and that is pretty important to me, would we be better off going bfvs??? thanks, i hope you get this, i am new here

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