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    Default club mobay for Friday arrival/Sun departure - Worth it?

    I know there are plenty of postings about Club Mobay and opinions are very split but I was hoping someone could comment specifically on what Friday late mornings (flight arrives at 11:24) and Sunday late mornings (flight leaves at 11:50) are like at the airport?
    What have others experienced at those times?
    If those times typically aren't busy I will save my money for something more worthwhile (like the spa).
    I don't mind waiting in line for 20 minutes or so but much more than that is a bit much (whine, whine, whine). On the arriving flight I will be so overcome with excitement that I won't want to wait much longer to get to the resort to start my relaxing vacation (the 1 1/2 to 2 hour bus ride will be bad enough) and at the same time I also don't want to ruin a relaxing vacation by standing in long lines on our departure either.

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    Friday around that time for arrival you are fine and will get through customs quick (past 5 years we arrive at that time with no issues). Save your money and use the couples lounge on arrival. We did however do club mobay on the departure end. Club mobay is great if you have 2 or more hours to burn up. With your morning departure Sunday I would save your money. Im sure Couples will send you on your way by 8am or before which would probably leave you an hour or 1 1/2 hours at most at club mobay before you board. Enjoy your trip.


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    You can get an arrival only pass which is $55. Worth it to us, even if there are not big crowds (which there are on weekends) as it takes away the anxiety of wondering about a long wait at the immigration line. Quicker to the resort is money well spent after a long day of traveling. I won't pay for the departure service again. You'll be at the airport in plenty of time so skipping the lines doesn't gain you anything. The lounge is nice, but waiting is waiting. I bring something to read. Where my butt is sitting while I read doesn't matter much.

    Scott and June

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