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    Default Anyone else getting married the week of June 10th 2013?

    Me and my fiance are getting married on June 11th 2013 at 4pm. I'm soooooo excited that I'm actually counting down the days. (51 more to go till we leave for CSA). We're staying from June 7th-22nd. Will any other couples be out there getting married during this time? We opted for the "one love" package. Can anyone tell me what kind of packages are offered for the resort photographer? I looked under the enhancements options on the couples website but the options seem pretty steep and limited. Are there any other tips or secrets that you can offer me?

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    We are getting Married June 8th and are staying June me I have a great idea

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    We are getting married on June 17th at 4pm at CSA! So we will probably see you there! Hopefully we can run into each other before the 17th (we arrive on the 14th) and you can let us know how it went! I am a little nervous about the 4pm time because it normally clouds up and showers in the later afternoon, but hopefully the weather will be alright. We are just planning on doing the One Love package too, and upgrading to the mento band and possibly nicer flows. We are using Stacy Clark for 3 hours for $1500 (including the couples outside photographer fee). I like that she will give us all the images in high resolution on a CD and then we can pick what to print. I didn't like how CSA only offered such low numbers of pictures on a CD for so much $$. I realize you get to pick the best 25 or however many, but I just like the option to have them all. Hope to see you in about 40 days and good luck the wedding!

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    Hi Ladies (and fireman)!
    We will be there June 18-27, getting married June 21 at sunset!! Getting excited...and of course, nervous. Tips/secrets appreciated, and would love to meet up with other happy (and newly married!) couples that are there at the same time Feel free to email me,

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