There have been some changes since our last visit 6 months ago (October). Most of them for the good. Red Stripe is in the mini bars and even better, Red Stripe Light upon request. My husband is on cloud 9 having his Red Stripe Light in a bottle. The grounds are finally being kept up again. The last 3 trips they had stopped grooming the beach and the grounds in the morning. The beach was a disgusting mess every morning. Not anymore. They have the tractor out raking the beach and the sand areas around the rooms. Those guys work so hard so please let them know what a great job they are doing and how much they are appreciated. Some of the rooms have nice new iPod stations. Thank you Couples.
A few new food items at Sea Grapes and the Gill that are very good. Love the new fish tacos at Sea Grapes, I could eat those every day. The new tuna melt and onion rings at the Grill are also awesome. Feathers was great. Same items on the menu though as the last couple times we were here. Same issue with Patois, same exact items. Lemon Grass was good and it was refreshing to see they had a special , amazing lamb chops. It was a nice change. I hope they keep doing a nightly special. I keep saying I would like to see their menu updated though too. We haven't ate dinner at the Palms yet, but their lunches have been disappointing. For new comers the menu changes don't make a difference but Couples has so many repeaters that it would be nice to see more menu changes. It was so exciting just to see these few menu changes, we are hoping to see more. There are two ice cream machines now too... But they have both been broken since we got here.. .
The staff has been amazing! I mean AMAZING!! I cannot talk about them enough. A few shout outs to some them that really are a big reason we come back as often as we do: Rachel who is working Feather this time, I can't believe she is not a manager yet. She is just so nice and so professional. I would hire her in my business in a heartbeat.
Patricia from the Palms... So sweet and hard working, always with a smile. Remington, he is a trip. Great guy and I think my husband would be lost if he wasnt here to take care of us when we arrived.
It's always nice to see Kurt's smiling face along with Kevern, both are always willing to do what they can to make the guest happy. Great guys!

One change we would LOVE to see is more house wine options. The wine is disturbingly bad with only one kind of white and one kind of red. I guess it works for the resort because it causes couples like us to buy a bottle of wine with dinner almost nightly. But it would be nice to have more options, even if it was just at the martini bar and maybe Feathers and Lemongrass. I'd be at least happy with that.
That's all for now, I'll post another review at the end of the trip with more info.