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    Default Key card suggestions??

    My wife and I are going to be arriving at CSA this saturday!!! We were wondering what people do with their key cards for their rooms(lanyards or other suggestions) when they are on the beach, doing activities, ect. Thank you very much for your help!!
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    We just put ours in the beach bag.
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    I take a mini-wallet that I had from college with a lanyard and toss it in my beach bag. My husband tucks his inside his visor. I almost get a new carry wallet from Vera Bradley, but the old velcro pouch seems to do the trick. Check out your local Discount/Dollar store for inexpensive travel do-dads. We usually take 1 beachbag to hold the sunscreen/towels/etc stuff so we don't have to keep going back and forth to our room. It is also nice to have a little cash handy in case you decide to buy something from a vendor or go on an excursion outside of Couples and need a tip.
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    I have a pair of swim trunks with a zippered pocket. They say don't get the card wet, but I always have it in there when in the pool or sea. If it goes bad, it can be replaced.

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    We were lucky enough to have a first floor room so we just used the Patio key which you can wear around your wrist. I had my key card in my swim trunks or in our beach bag. It got wet and still worked ok the one time I did use it.

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    I always bring a small beach bag. Bob puts the key card in a baggie that we bring from home and I put that in the beach bag. Since we've been using this method, we have not had an issue with the key card needing to be replaced.

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    We put ours in our beach bag.

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    myself I have a VeraBradley wristlet that carries my phone, ID's, change etc that I put the room card in so I can carry it where ever I go. If on the beach it sits in my beach bag with "other stuff" and no one ever bothers it.. In all our visits (7) to CSA I've only lost one pair of sandals which I left on the beach by accident all day, so was knida my fault!

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    Take a beach bag along and put it in there. Unless you go in the water, some men's swimsuits have a pocket big enough for it. Or some camera cases have a pocket big enough. Really, no one is interested in stealing your card, so don't worry about security, IMO.

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    I have a beach bag with a small zipper pocket on the inside. I put our room key in there. Along with some cash and any other small items I bring down to the beach with me. So they don't get lost in the bottom of the beach bag.
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    I listen to audio books on the beach and when floating in the pool or ocean. Since I use my iphone to listen to my books I have a waterproof plastic case for the iphone that has inputs for my earbuds. My room card lives in that little case whenever I'm not using it.

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    You can buy little waterproof cases that clip onto your swim shorts you can fit a room key and some cash. We bought one and used it everyday and it was great, especially when your taking a walk down the beach. We bought ours at swim Col well worth the $5!

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    Beach bag, inside your book, anywhere. We leave our stuff on the beach when we're in the water, at lunch, bar, etc. No problem, mon!

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