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    Hello, we are going to CSS later this month and wondered if we would get Verizon cell phone service there and if anyone knows how expensive that is? Would we need to just keep cell phones turned off to avoid fees? Any information on this subject is appreciated. Thanks!

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    Yes, if your phone is capable of International Calling you can get cell service. To find out if it is, call Verizon. It's not cheap though - we just came back and only used the phone for one "emergency" type call because we knew it was $1.99/minute!
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    Yes, verizon does work, i think the roaming rate was $1.99 per minute..

    I used it on the beach and in our room. If you want to call home it is cheaper to text or free to use Skype or Facetime

    you should call verizon before you go, update international roaming. Sometimes you do not have to do this, sometimes you do

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    Just call Verizon before you go and let them know you will be using your phone in Jamaica. Its $1.99 per minute.

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    You can call verizon for an international plan, but its very expensive. Much cheaper to buy a phone card in jamaica to make calls home.

    Befor you depart turn phone into airplane mode. This way you can use the other features on the phone but not make or receive calls. Connect to the wireless at the resort.

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    We keep our cell service off. Even with an international plan, albeit AT&T, between data comms and phone calls from the room, we come out cheaper than any other method.

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    Here at CSS now. We have Verizon. Call Global Services and have them add international. Calls are expensive at $1.99 per minute. $.50 outgoing and $.05 incoming for texts (I think or vice versa). Turn your data off and there should be no problem mon. We cannot access voicemail from here though. Hope the call wasn't important! LOL.

    Hope that helps!

    Oh, and BTW, it just doesn't get any better than being here!

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    Mine works in Mobay and Negril. Didn't use it at Sans Souci when we were there. Check Verizon's site for international info, plans,and charges.
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    Either keep phone off or only connect to their wi-fi. They told me before my trip that my iphone would not work there & I didn't use my phone while there but when I got home & got my bill there were $350.00 worth of roaming charges again even though my phone wouldn't work there. It was not my first time in Jamaica or out of the US but it was the only time I ever had charges when traveling.

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    $2 a minute to talk, .05 to receive a text, .50 to send a text. I kept it on just to see what I missed. I would see the missed calls and email my secretary to return calls. Sometimes listen to them but would not stay on too long. Hope this helps. This is on the Verizon website.

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    when we went I called want to avoid a ton of roaming charges so definately call them.we chose to put ours in airplane mode, but you can buy a short period of international calling or whatever if you want to use it while there.

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    We just use the phone in our room at $1.00 per minute if we need to make calls & leave our Smartphones turned off because I'm scared they will somehow get the data part turned back on & start running up a HUGE bill without us knowing it (I'm a worry wart) so we use our tablets for e-mailing. We also have Verizon & I did call them once & they have short term international plans you can get added to your phone.

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