As much as we really enjoy our time with friends each year at CSA, we want to express a feeling of unease about our upcoming trip this year.

We having been visiting CSA for the last 4 years, staying between 10 and 14 days each trip. It is planned around our Wedding Anniversary, which we share with friends we meet at the resort.

We have always had a wonderful time, except last year, when we both felt that things had not gone as well as in previous years.

We accept that our feeling of lack of total satifaction may have been because of extenuating circumstances (in fact, that is what we are hoping is the case!). We arrived shortly after Hurricane Sandy which left airports in the USA closed and people stranded in Jamaica (now is that really the worst thing in the world!!!???). Consequently, the resort was shuffling people around to accomodate those that were stranded for a few days. Additionally, there had been a very recent change in Management (the exchange of Managers between CSA and CN).

To a degree, these may be mitigating circumstances, however, staff seemed a little on edge and while polite and accomodating as usual, the resort seemed a little "off kilter".

We found the gardens were not as well kept as in the past (maybe due to recent storms), the rooms were not as clean as they had been (the closets had not been thoroughly cleaned in a while) and the fittings and fixtures were not maintained well. The lights behind the Martini Bar were out for the entire stay, making it a gloomy place to start the evening with friends. The overall impression ws one of "faded glory".

Now, we are the first to admit, we had glitz and glitter, the relaxed, traditional approach of CSA has always been a draw for us, however, we came away from our last trip, if not disappointed, then at least not fully satisfied.

However, we were not dissatified enough not to return. But we will be more aware of any reduction in quality of experience on our next trip.

Has anyone else run into similar issues? We are really hoping it was just external situations affecting our stay, but we would love whatever feedback others may have.