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LOL Of course! That's why I asked!

FYI... We tend to get a little goofy with the friends we're traveling with. Don't be surprised if we introduce ourselves as "Fred, Wilma, Barney, and Betty," or "Ricky, Lucy, Fred, and Ethel," or something along those lines...

Sue and Bill 4/30-7 (Suezq429)
Wendy and Nick 4/30-10 (bunda)
Holly and James 4/30-10
Bruce and Kelli 1-9 (bruceandkelli)
Steve and Helena 1-9
Mary Ellen and Brian 2-9 (BecMec)
Jamie and Dustin 2-9 (Jamie English)
Louie and Susie 2-10 (louie&susie)
Jennifer and Jason 3-9 (Miss_Bliss)
Angie and Dan 3-10 (sundance)
Greg and Jacki 5-12 (greanjac)
Krishelle and Seamus 7-14 (crazyinlove)
Lee-Ann and Paul 10-20 (Lee-Ann ~N~ Paul)
Ben and Anita 18-23 (ben&anita)
Don't worry, our Giant Schnauzers are named Ricky and Lucy. If we get another one or two we will name then Fred and ethel. I'll be the one at the swim up bar with the pink couples hat on. My bride will be in a chair reading a book.