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    Default Room Choice at CTI

    Trying to decide what room to book at CTI. What does everyone recommend. Last time we were there we were clear at the end with an Ocen View. We could see off the resort Im not sure what was next to us but not part of the resort from where we were but did have an Ocean View. It was also quite a walk to get to the main part of the resort and out to the beach. The room was nice I believe we were on the third floor in the last block. What is the best location or room category to stay in. We are booking this week so any input would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You

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    we had deluxe ocean on the 1st floor in Building 4, great location because it was very convenient to everything, we were right in front of the swim up bar.

    We booked Premier Ocean this year, we wanted to be on the other end.

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    I personally like the Premier Ocean category. For not much more money you get a better view AND way bigger closets! That makes a huge difference to me.

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    We booked a premier ocean room and were just wondering which buildings these rooms are located in?

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    We rebooked Ocean Jr Suite,, what building or Landmark,, Pool is it by?

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    Building 2 and the main building which is 3 i think. Building 2 is the newest building and over the main pool.

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    I think that it stated buildings 1, 2, or 3

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    Premier ocean rooms are in either Block 2 or 3.

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    Thanks I can't wait!

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