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    Hello everyone, we got here Saturday right berore sunset. it started to pour after dark and rained hard most of the evening. Since then, weather has been GLORIOUS! We saw a wedding reception on the beach with the best saxophone player playing during the reception. That was awesome! On Saturday nights now they have a white chocolate fundue set up on the beach. Couples just keeps on spoiling us.
    The beach has eroded somewhat but it is still the most beautiful beach ever. The swimming area is very large still. All the service that we have received in the restaurants and housekeeping has been outstanding, maybe the best so far.
    We got an older gvs, actually just a couple doors down from the one we stayed in on our honeymoon in 04. We love it, its close to the Palms but not too close. They have been updated since we last stayed and are just fine for us. The tree frogs are singing in full force too. No complaints from us and all you worry warts, don't worry, CSA is still AWESOME, more to come.

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    We'll be there on the 18th, can't wait!!

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    Soooo jealous of you guys! We have 39 days until we are back!! Hope you have a great vacation!

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    How are the bugs right now? Debating on how much bug spray we need to bring. Also wondering about the aloe, shampoo and body soap situation also. We leave in 11 days and I am literally vibrating with excitement and will be doing final pack on Friday, so any more helpful hints on what we DONT need to bring. Any other little tidbits of info???

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    The beach will be back. Thanks for the update and enjoy every second.

    Life is good

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    Very interested in the beach erorsion because of a physical problem getting into the water. Is it rough to get in the first couple of steps? We have CSS and CSA booked on a split, but may have to just do CSS and the quiet bay water, if the waves at CSA keep us from getting in easy. Thank you

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    Now that's the CSA we know and LOVE!!!!! Thanks for info and have a great time!!

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    Softail - when we were there in February, we thought that the service and food had been stepped up a notch. We ate twice at Feathers and both meals were flawless. Please keep posting!

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    what I meant to say was white chocolate fountain,Yum!! Did the cat cruise today and tried Lemongrass, very good! Should have tried it sooner. Seagrapes can be painfully slow sometimes as it was today. There were a couple of trainees.
    good weather again today, pub crawl on wed.

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    CSA junkies, it is pouring at the momemt but hope its short lived. The beach is very shallow until you get out a ways, no problem getting in. I did the stand up paddle board this morning, very fun but Im sure I entertained a few people, haha!
    The jerk chicken at the grill is spicier it seems, good I thought, spicy enough for me!
    The only bug bites we have gotten are the usual sand flea variety but we never put bug spray on, not a big deal. Weve seen the resident cats and meant to bring cat food, we miss our kitties!
    We have met some nice people and had a good time at the repeaters dinner, very good food as usual.
    Rasta Ralph is still around and will be sailing on Thursday, we might try to go again.
    We are not martini drinkers but tried a couple last night at Lemongrass, tasty and strong. As far as the bars go, I don't insist on top shelf but the beach bars are NOT skimping on the booze!
    Off to the pub crawl, Ill check in later, lovin life!!
    Sarah and Jordan, we will save some rum cream for you!!

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    Softail - I hope you enjoy your vacation even more knowing that there is yet another winter storm headed for Minnesota.... It's the winter that just won't end. Your timimg is perfect!
    Jan and Mark
    CN 2009
    CSA 2011, 2013
    CSS 2014

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    I have been looking at the Feathers menu for months. Do they still have the fried artichoke bottom on the app menu? I really want to try that.......

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    Rhunter, Just to add, in 7 trips to ja, ive maybe seen 1 mosquito. the bugs in Mn are much worse! Just spray some on your ankles, not a big deal.
    Jan, haven't heard how much snow the Twin Cities got but yes, timing was good this year.TeeHee!
    Weather in the mornings until after lunch has been spectacular as usual. We had a rainstorm on Wed like there was no tomorrow. It quit about 3pm and was very nice the rest of the evening. We did the pub crawl and be prepared, the bus has 20 seats and there was 40 people on it. It was fun but a little uncomfortable. We went to a couple of dives and a few realy nice places. Probable wont do it again but it was an experience!
    Rhunter I forgot about the soap. There is shampoo and body wash in the shower and extra body wash and hand bar soap on the vanity. I forgot my conditioner among other things so I had to have that as I have long hair. I just bought Suave as I use that at home now too. Not sure if the shampoo in the dispenser has conditioner in it but I know its not enough for my hair.
    I tried the breakfast pizza at Patios this morning and it was delicious. May go there again on Friday, our last full day.OMG these vacations go so fast. Service has been stellar again today, back to the beach!

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    Jan - sorry to hear another MN resident has to share in the "fun" of this late snow! Looking forward to CSA in June!

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    Softail - glad to hear it is the CSA we know and love! Enjoy the rest of your time! We land May 5th.

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    We go home on Sat. Its been beautiful in the mornings but afternoons have been rainy. It rained into the night last night. What a great trip its been! Ive loved every minute and that goodbye bus will be here in the morning. Happy travels everyone and I hope you all have as great a time as we have. Full review soon, bye for now.

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    Softail thanks for all the information, 6 days till we leave just can't wait.

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    We just returned after 9 days at married yesterday on the beach. We go every April and October; I was bitten 4 times this trip and never wear bug spray. They bite at sundown and sun up...that's it. No clue why people are always talking about bug bites!!

    Food was spectacular, rain was excessive this time (every afternoon for a few hours...thank goodness we got married at 10 am!). Service is awesome as always....

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    Congrats Suzi, hope you had fun and the have been spectacular! I agree about the bugs, have never brought bug spray but got a few on my legs this year, maybe because of more rain? I might have to break down and pack some, I just hate the stuff. Have a great time!!

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    We arrive in 48 hours and cannot wait to be spoiled for 10 days

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    The bug issue is different for different people. I am doused in deet and get bit up like crazy. My husband doesnt spray anything and not one bite.

    We are here now, and its somewhat better, only 8 or so bites in 5 days.

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