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    Default Best "unadvertised" Things to do at CN

    My wife and I will be going to CN in July for the first time. We are traveling with another couple and we really dont want to lose out on any experiences because we dont know about them. Does anyone have anything that most people dont know about that we should try to do? Thanks for your replies.

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    Murphy, we just got back in March from trip #5 and there are a few things we like to do. Head to the original Office of Nature which is down the bay (2nd office of nature is the original). I don't think you can get lobster during July but I could be wrong. Either way let Gritty know what fish, crab ect.. you want ahead of time and he will take care of you. If your not hungry grab a red stripe and hang out for awhile. If you go into Negril stop at The Sweet Spice, it is another great restaurants that the locals love. If you want cigars and souvenirs you can get the best deals at The time square shopping center in Negril. There is tons to do, the problem is you will enjoy the resort so much that you won't want to leave. Here is our latest video from March.

    Negril Jamaica 2013 - YouTube

    - Joey

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    Try the free scuba resort course. Sign up early during your stay as it can fill up fast. And if you LOVE it you will have time to take the full PADI course and get certified for life. And dive free for the rest of your trip plus all future trips to Couples.

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    Retired & moved to Cozumel, Mexico January 2014

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    You know some of the best experiences are never planned, they just happen. I came around a corner at the resort and found a group having a rum tasting party. I jumped in! My husband and I found a hidden hot tub in the trees one night and jumped in!One day We swam up to the bar and sat down near some people we didn't know and have become life long friends. I happen to fall into a group that was taking a tour of the CN kitchen with the executive chef and I followed. I have a ton of stories like this. Just go and see what happens. You're going to love I!

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    LOVVVEEEE the video! Hurry up 20 December!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Losbster is available again beginning July 1 so getting lobster at Office of Nature and at Couples should be no problem.

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    Search the thread titled "CN Beach Walk for Nature Lovers" and check it out.

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    If you feel up to it, schedule a personal training session with Wayne. It might hurt just a bit, but I promise that it makes the rum taste better.

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    Make sure to take a few $'s with you in your beach bag & when the beach musicians come by, have them sing for you ..... We LOVE them all. Donnavon Dalyrymple does such a great 'Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay' & there's another group that I always LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear sing "Stand By Me" ..... If Kevin Sterling comes by, he is REALLY GREAT!!!!!!

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    Thank you all for the great tips. We are very excited to go and now have added a few extra things we didnt know about.

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    If you are going to be at CN early July, join us for the annual 4th of July party at the pool bar.

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    We are going to be at CN from the 10-17. We are planning on doing the one love pub crawl. Is anybody out there doing that during those dates?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rmurphy005 View Post
    We are going to be at CN from the 10-17. We are planning on doing the one love pub crawl. Is anybody out there doing that during those dates?
    We will be at CN from July 12-19, 3 couples, ourselves, good friends, and my son and his girlfriend. We are planning on doing the One Love Tour sometime during our week. Also the 3 boys are getting their scuba certification this month, so they are excited about that.

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    It is just under 3 weeks away are there anymore tips for us? Thanks to everyone for the advice so far.

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    Folks seem to enjoy pool volleyball -- usually at 2 pm.

    Walk around the property SLOWLY and enjoy the wildlife, especially in the evening. There are birds and fish and lizards and frogs . . . you just have to move slowly and take the time to enjoy them.

    The piano bar in the early evening. It's not crowded. It IS romantic.

    Make your own new terrific experience. It's all good.

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    We brought a flashlight and went out at night to search for big crabs! You can find most in the ocean view section in the river, and along the boardwalk and deck where it meets the beach.
    Couples Negril Nov 13 - 20, 2010

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