Two years ago when we were at CN, we did the trading places and went to CSA. It was the first time we have done the trading places because we've been to the other three resorts for vacation. We were expecting someone to be there to greet the bus from CN and show us around or at least go over some things about the resort, like where we could get beach towels and which restaurants served lunch, before we started exploring on our own. But there was no one and we even had to ask if we could have a resort map at the lobby desk. It would be really nice if Couples did the trading places in time to make the 10 AM Orientation for anyone that is interested. Last year we went from CSS to CTI for a day with friends we had with us. They had not been to CTI. There again, no one to greet with any info. It didn't matter this trip because we had already been there twice and acted as their tour guide. Anyone have any thoughts on this? If a lot of people have felt this way, maybe Randymon would consider this suggestion.