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    Default CSA pictures: Atrium Suite

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    Love your pics. We are thinking about going back to CSA in Oct 2014 for our 10 year anny. We were married there (10/02/04). We stayed in the Beachfront Verandah Suite back then and they were at the end of the resort at that time. I see it has expanded greatly! New buildings all on that side now.

    I thought about booking the same type room but the Atrium suites seem to call to me.
    Linda & Nick
    CSA - Oct 2004 (for our wedding!!!)
    CN - March 2006, Nov 2013
    CSS - March 2013

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    I was so happy when I found this post! We just booked an 8 night stay at CSA in an Atrium suite for our honeymoon These pictures make me so excited for next May! I must ask though if you don't mind what building were you in? I cannot believe this wonderful view from an atrium suite!! We will be happy with any of course but this view would be best of both worlds and a Honeymoon dream come true!!!!

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    The end of October will be our first time staying in an Atrium Suite. We are really looking forward to it. Thanks for posting the pictures. I hope we can score a second floor room when we get there!
    There is no unhappiness like the misery of sighting land (and work) again after a cheerful, careless voyage ~Mark Twain

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    awsome pics! So nice to see "real" pics

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    Your pictures are perfect. Now I have something to show our newbies coming with us in December.

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    Thanks, for posting, just 47 days for us. How did you enjoy the ground floor suite? I think our preference would be a second floor for added privacy. What room were you in, that is a pretty good view?

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    Great pics! Thanks!

    I have always wondered if those blinds/shutters would shut tight enough to make the room dark if there are lights on outside (or even if the moon is bright!). My wife and I both sleep best in as total darkness as we can get. If the room is too light from outside sources we just don't sleep well. I usually unplug or cover the clocks, microwaves, or whatever else might make light in any hotel room we are in. I even put a towel down at the crack under the door to keep the light out. Extreme... yeah I know but this is what allows us a restful night.
    SO... how dark can these rooms get if you really try?
    Thanks very much!

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    Great pics! We have an Atrium suite booked for June! Which room number was this?

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