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    Default Operations Manager

    Who is the new Operations Manager at Couples Negril?

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    What? There's a new operations manager? When did Wayne leave / where did he go? We will miss him!

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    Mr Bowleg.
    What manner of men are these that carry their balls in parentheses?" SHAKESPEARE

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    Perhaps different titles, but we met Abraham Issa and I thought his title was Operations Manager. And yes, Ricardo Bowleg is here (maybe he is ops or the other).

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    Mr. Bowleg is the GM. Wayne (blanking on his last name at the moment ... Williams I think?) was the Operations Manager, lovely man whom we always enjoyed chatting with. He was always walking around the resort checking on things, and was very quick and efficient in dealing with any issues that arose. I'm sad to hear that he may have moved on.

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    Wayne Williams had left last Monday, just two days before we arrived at CN. First person we asked about and we were sorry we had missed him. He will be at Couples Barbardos and am sure he will do a wonderful job.
    While we were at CN we saw Abraham many times shaking our hands and checking on things. He has a tough job to fill Wayne's shoes, however, he has a great staff in place to help with the transition.

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    Ricardo Bowleg was the GM at CSA when I was there in 2011. He's a good guy!

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