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    Default Experienced Couples brides...suggestions?

    We are getting married at CN in Nov. Can anyone give us their thoughts or suggestion...dos & don'ts? How many songs do we need for the ceremony? Who will help me get ready if it's just the two of us? Oh so many questions!!!

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    Hi Pete & Sarah,
    We just returned from CN mid-March after spending 2 weeks there checking it out and comparing it to CSS (we went there last year). We are an older couple planning to get married this Dec. and while we will be going to CSS, here are a few ideas regarding CN. The wedding area on the beach at CN had a few problems for us - being near the "nude beach" area being one of them. We also found it windy but the main problem was the fact that the beach, being a "semi-public" beach, has it's share of people going back and forth selling cigs./beads/ etc. or people yelling in the water. That said - if we had picked CN, we would have asked "Donovan" (mister guitar) to play/sing at the wedding. He was one of the highlights of the trip. The area by the "turtle pond" would be a beautiful place to get married - a little more private and a lot more peaceful - plus beautiful for pictures.
    Good luck,
    John & Carol

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    Oh.. and as far as getting ready goes.. They typically schedule your hair/makeup 2 hours prior to your wedding time, then the wedding coordinator will come to your room 15 minutes prior to your wedding time. She was very helpful.. She can help you zip your dress or anything else you might need. Also, since the resort is so intimate, you are bound to make friends. We met this one couple who married the same day we did.. They came to our wedding and took pictures and we went to theirs and took pictures for them. So you could make some friends who could help you get ready, etc.

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    Amanda, Thank you so much!! I really appreciate your response/reply! i am big into planning and detail so love getting input ahead of time! we should pick 3 songs? does the signing of certificate and cake come second? Did your hubby see you before the ceremony? So excited!!

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    We just returned from our wedding at CN and let me tell you, it was perfect. As far as music goes, we had one song that played while we walked down the isle. They shut the music off as soon as we reached the preacher.
    We got married on the beach and it was great. Yes, there were people watching, and yes there was a naked person or two I spotted out of the corner of my eye, but it was still perfect. The photographer was awesome too. Somehow, he didn't get anyone in the background of our pictures.. It looks like it was just the two of us out there.
    Let me know if you have any other questions.

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    John and carol, thank you so much for the feedback!!!we greatly appreciate the help and any suggestions!!!!

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    I would think you only need 1 song, as it will only be playing while you walk down the isle.
    My hubby and I chose to walk down the isle together, so yes, he saw me right after I got my hair done.. we didn't want anything formal, in fact, I wore a purple bridesmaid style dress.
    Once the ceremony is over, they will take you over to a little table and you will sign the certificate. Then they take you to a garden area and you will have your cake, and a champagne toast. Then if you choose, the resort photographer will take you around the property and take pictures. I highly recommend the resort photographer, they did an awesome job. Although the packages are a little expensive, you get a custom designed photo book with it. Another thing I would recommend if you are particular about your flowers, is an upgraded bouquet. The one with the free wedding is very simple, yet very pretty. I paid $80 for an upgraded bouquet and I absolutely loved it.. It really made our pictures look awesome in my opinion.
    Here are a couple of my pictures, so you can get an idea of how things look.

    Here we are walking down the isle together:
    Name:  03981004-prof-LOVE.jpg
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    Here we are getting married (note you do not see anyone in the background, although their were tons of people around)
    Name:  03981016-prof-LOVE.jpg
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    Here we are doing our toast, this is the table where you also have your cake:
    Name:  3-prof.jpg
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    And here is a picture of us on the beach that the photographer staged (again, no one in the background):
    Name:  7-prof-LOVE.jpg
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    Anyway, Hope this helps.. Feel free to ask more questions here, or send me an email..

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    We had 3 songs... Walk down the aisle, kiss and walk away, and one for the signing of the certificates. I just brought my ipod and had a wedding ceremony playlist and they took care of it!

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    Also an upgrade to a suite will keep you and your future husband from seeing each other. The bathrooms in the suites are as big as the bedroom.

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    Amanda I was thinking of upgrading my flowers... I like the orchids but Im not crazy about how long and awkward the bouquet is!

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    We just returned from our Weddingmoon at CN and it was great, we got married on the beach. Yes, there is a nude beach next to where you are getting married, but the photographers edit all the people and unwanted background out. We used 3 songs, The ceremony last 15 minutes, then you sign the marriage certificate, cut the cake and toast. Next you can take a few minutes and relax or take pictures, we decided to take pictures. We hired an outside photographer Saab and used their first team associates who were great, cost 1500 for three hours. They will shoot you getting ready which was great, we also did a first sight shot, before the wedding and you get two photographers and all your pictures. The Resort pictures are good but when you try to use the CD, to reprint the quality of the images on the CD are low and look distorted with anything 5x7 or greater. You wonít be able to tell this just by looking at the pictures on the CD, but when you upload them to the photo center, it will tell you that the image quality is low and to select a smaller image size. My Mother In Lawís pictures looked better when printed than the Resorts. Must be the type of CD they are using? But the resort photographer will get some nice pictures during and after your wedding, they are experienced just the images on the CD are low quality. CN by far is the best all inclusive resort that Iíve stayed at, the experience was great. My In Laws were going to the TURKS for their 40th in two years, but after staying at CN, they decided to return to CN for their 40th anniversary. Your wedding coordinator Kenisha, will help to make your wedding unforgettable. Since itís just the two of you, you will be able to capture your wedding and photos after, in the 48 picture package.

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    Thank you so much for all your help everyone! I greatly appreciate it! The wedding planner did say to pick 3 songs...walking down, cutting the cake and first dance. She also said they would add songs if we wanted. I'm thinking... One for walking down 2nd for walking out together to the table for signing the certificate, 3rd for cake and last for first dance. I had figured the signing and cake were right by the wedding gazebo... Anyway I'm so excited!!!

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