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    Default RBC debit card @CN

    My husband was wondering about using his Royal Bank Debit card at CN or in Negril. He was told the ATMs don't accept RBC and he had to find a special ATM plus or something.
    It is because he gets his paycheque directly deposited into his account the day after we arrive.

    Can we use our RBC debit card at any ATM??
    Couples Negril Nov 13 - 20, 2010

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    Look on the back of your RBC debit card and it'll tell you which systems it supports. You'll see the interac symbol as well as plus system and cirrus symbols. As long as the ATM also has those symbols you should have no issue... We used out debit card in the ATM at CTI and no issues at all.

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    Never tried to use an ATM down there with my debit card but I know that I tried using it as a credit card there and it wouldn't work.

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    Thank you!

    We got it all figured out.

    Couples Negril Nov 13 - 20, 2010

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    Torontotwo, we live just down the 401 from you in London. Are you flying out of Toronto or Buffalo. Our options are Toronto (direct flight) or out of Detroit (short stop in Miami). We've found that leaving from a US city that the price is significantly cheaper than out of Toronto. In fact we just booked our second trip for 10 days to CTI for way less than we pay for 7 days out of Toronto. Just thought I'd share!!! Have a great trip.

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