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Thread: Pollen at CSA?

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    Default Pollen at CSA?

    Is there pollen at CSA? How do people with allergies feel down there? NC is exploding with pollen this week and next, and I'm headed to CSA on Saturday - just wondering if I need to stock up on typical allergy supplies.

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    It takes a while for your body to react to new allergens. I can get through the entire week with no problems.

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    My husband has horrible allergies but when we're in Negril he never has problems!

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    Better to bring some and not need them then not to have them and need them.

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    I have allergies such as grass, pollen, dust, etc. Never a problem in Jamaica and I have been there various times of the year. Never took one allergy pill although I travel with them. You gonna love it!!

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    The human body is an amazing and complex machine. If and when it reacts to a particular allergen, it may take a few exposures to register with the immune system; we generally develop allergies to pollens and such in our normal surroundings. This is also why people with severe allergies to bee stings may not react until after they've been bitten a second or third time.

    The exotic gardens and plants on the Couples grounds do, indeed put off their own pollens... that's Mother Nature at work. But you will probably not be affected... your NC pollens are presently dominated by long-leaf pine, I'm sure, but you won't find this on Jamaica.

    As others have said, it won't hurt to play it safe and bring your allergy meds for peace of mind.

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