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    Default Champagne Glasses With Couples Logo????

    Are there champagne glasses with the twisted palm/Couples logo on them available for purchase in the gift shops at the resorts???? I can't recall seeing any but haven't really looked while there but the other day while sipping champagne & dreaming about our next trip, I thought that I'd really LOVE to have some. Wouldn't a couple of glasses with the logo make a GREAT repeater's gift ?????? Especially for the repeaters that are higher up the RR ladder & have enough t-shirts after several trips. I know we'd use them often. Just a thought ........
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    Hi, that would be a brilliant idea, as you say enough t-shirts. Don't need the wine as it is freely available. For those that go back often, we could collect them and they would make a great talking point with friends at home !! Who do we need to contact to discuss it ??

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    They have them on Couples Living on-line but I can't get the page to open.

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    They gave me a pair on our wedding because they accidentally broke our cake topper but I loveeee them for special days. They should sell them at least in gift shop.

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    Maybe if enough people say they'd LOVE them, we can make it happen - Randymon????????

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    Pretty Please or maybe Tervis mugs with the Couples Logo???

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    Would be a Great repeaters gift Randymon!

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    Quote Originally Posted by zaraforty View Post
    They have them on Couples Living on-line but I can't get the page to open.
    Where is "Couples Living"??

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    Default forwards you directly to

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    Randymon emailed me to say that Couples Living is shut down. Not enough purchases to justify costs and maintaining inventory.

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    Love this idea!

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    Fantastic idea! No more t-shirts, please - and what's the point of wine when we can drink our fill??? Champagne glasses would also be an excellent advertising opportunity so that when we used them at home in company, we'd have an excuse to discuss the wonders of Couples with our friends and family. Perhaps it would be an incentive to guests to be given two Couples champagne glasses after 2/3 holidays (or 20/25 days)?

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    Caveat: Hand wash any cups or glasses with the logo on it....Automatic dishwashers will remove it!

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    What a great idea for a Repeaters gift ! (The same t-shirt year after year is getting old.) I vote for logo champagne glasses.

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    Randymon says you can get them at the Wedding Dept. $40/pair and can use resort credits to purchase.

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    Great to know they are available .. I've got lots of resort credit to use on our next trip so 2 pair may be coming home with me.
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