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Thread: Golf at CSA?

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    Default Golf at CSA?

    I see on the website that golf is unlimited and free at CSA. What is it like? Are there multiple courses? Are they nice courses? It also says you are required to have a caddy for a "nominal fee" -- does anyone know how much that is? Do they offer any golf lessons? Do they have golf clubs you can rent (and how much $?)?

    I wasn't planning on bringing clubs (and paying the airline), but my DH enjoys golf and now I'm debating...

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    There is only one course, Negril Hills. I played a few rounds there two years ago. About the best thing I can say is it's never crowded. The greens arn't bad at all, and there are a few good holes, and a few that really need some TLC. They do have clubs to rent but I brought my own so didn't pay attention to their prices. As I recall, Caddies are about $15 plus tip if you are riding. No lessons that I know of

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    You get to play one course, Negril Hills as I recall is the name. You can rent clubs, but they are/were well used for about $20. My free golf, for 18 holes, cost me a little over $100 by the time I rented clubs, paid for the Caddy, Tipped the Caddy had several beverages ( me and my caddy) bought some balls, tees and logo ball and rented a cart. If you can walk the course, it is pretty hilly, and take your own equipment, it is about $15 for a caddy for 18 holes, and $35 for the cart. Had a great time, liked the course, not a really plush course but very nice, had a great women caddy, and thoroughly enjoyed my time. With that said, that was 5 trips ago and have not been back, only because I did that, done that. May golf again in October when there are several of us there that golf, and they want to go. Other then that, I let the Sand Gravity hold me in place. Is Good Mon!

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    Negril Hills is the golf course and it is HILLY. They have clubs but not the best. We rented clubs and it was OK. We went in August and it was HOOOOOTTTTTTTT. Had a great caddy name was Plumber. He could read a green like it was the back of his hand. Buy the caddy a few drinks while on the course. Can't remember the fee, I think clubs were $30 something, caddy was about $20, and we tipped him $20 as well cause that is all they get in what ever you tip them. So it ran about $75 for the round.

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    Thanks for the replies! I don't think we'll take time away from the rest of the vacation to golf this trip

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