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    Default November Weather

    We are getting married at CN this November 13 at sunset!! I've research what 'typical' weather is for Jamaica this time of the year, but I would love to hear from guests who have actually vacationed at this time... How was the temperature? Any rain? Thanks!

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    November has always been nice for us, many trips in November.

    It will rain though but they are usually just showers

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    We have went several times in November and have always loved it. Warm in the daytime, and some breezes at nite but not chilly. It would rain for about 1/2 hour almost every afternoon about 2pm... we hardly noticed and in fact enjoyed that time watching the clouds roll in, then the sun come back. It didn't seem to interrupt anything and it was like nobody even paid attention because it was such a warm shower. Liquid sunshine is what the staff called it and we agree. I think you'll be irie mon!!

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    We have gone 4 years and are returning for our 5th in November. It's a great time with very little rain and the temps are perfect. Congratulations and I hope you have many years of happiness together.

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    Hey Jaime,

    We visit CN every year the week after Thanksgiving. The weather has always been great for us. Last year, we had one afternoon and evening of rain, the rest of the time it was perfect. Temp is usually high 80s and HOT!

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    Hi Jaime; CONGRATS; I have been to CN on Nov 13 (my bday and you should be fine; we were also wed in Sept at CN at 3; IF there is an afternoon shower it will surely pass by sunset when I noted your wedding is - we've been to Negril July, Sept, Oct, Nov and this year trying late April - soon come mon (27th - 10th anny celebration). Only time we had "rain" was a OCHO RIOS Jan trip;

    Temp wise low to mid 80s with lower humidity - nice change from Sept; you have 2 days to note weather patterns for your stay - forecasts are a "guess" for the tropics short of some major system; most forecasts says rain for part of the day - ignore them on the whole

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