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    I know smoking is allowed at CN but is there anywhere at the resort that it is not allowed or places where you technically could smoke but really shouldn't, where it would be frowned upon?

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    You may NOT smoke in the restaurants (except the outdoor ones) and should not smoke in the pool.

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    Hi Dreamin of Couples,
    You can smoke anywhere, except the Otaheite restaurant. But that won't stop the holier than thou's looking down their noses at you. Thankfully, there isn't a lot of that sort in CN. I'm a smoker, and I enjoy most of my cigarettes, but I would always try to make sure it doesn't infringe upon non-smokers. Anyway, I don't like sharing my smoke.

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    The places you can't smoke is at the Otaheite restaurant and I would definitely assume the Spa. The other restaurants have smoking/non-smoking sections (they seem to be pretty close together). Other than that you can smoke just about anywhere else. When on the beach there are cement ashtrays for you to use - this is important because it keeps the beautiful beach clean!!!
    Enjoy CN!!!!

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    All the open air restaurants have smoking and non-smoking sections. The indoor restaurants are all non smoking. Not sure what you mean by place you could smoke that would be frowned upon? Just be considerate of others and you'll be fine.
    Shari & James
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    Someone mentioned the pool, that would be a place I guess you could but wouldn't want to. however, with that being said who would want to smoke in a pool anyways? Your bound to waste more of the cigarette then smoke it. Mainly I just wanted to make sure that the beaches were not off limits. Thanks for the replies.

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