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    Hey All, so the wife and I are making our second trip to Sans Souci this December 7-15th. This will be our 4th trip to a Couples resort, last year we went to Tower Isle and had our first au natural experience. To sum it up, we loved it! What made it special were all the lovely people we met. It's amazing to think how much more open, free and kind people are when they're naked!! So we're hoping this year will be just as much fun.

    Debbie/Neal/Cali, our Canadian Nudie friends, if you're reading this. This is Irene and Greg & we're are coming back! To everyone else, if you'll be there during the same time frame, drop a word, say hello and maybe we'll meet up while we're there. Later!

    -Greg & Irene

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    We'll get there near the end of your trip (Dec 13-20 for us), so we'll only see you 1 day at SSB. I can say that the folks form the naked beach make the best table partners at the repeaters dinner - check with your new friends Wednesday to see who's going because it's amazing what clothes and makeup do to make people unrecognizable. We're going to miss most of the people we usually see because we're going almost 2 weeks early, but I'm sure we'll find others to talk to.

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    We're actually going a bit early too... We typically take this trip a week after new years. We got married in Runaway Bay on Jan, 8th in 2011 and have taken annual trips since. This is our first one in December, because the rates were MUCH better.

    We are definitely going to make an effort to get to the repeaters dinner, we've missed it every year, so we're going this year because we've heard the same thing.

    Maybe we'll meet each other our final day... if not, I hope you have a splendid vacation.

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