I know there have been a million discussions on these 2 resorts. We will be going on our 4th trip to CN this July. We've also been to CSS 3x and CTI 2x. For anyone that has been to CN and CSA and loves CSA better, what would you tell us to convince us to try CSA. We are thinking about booking CSA for next year during the early booking special offered this month. We are thinking of booking the Beachfront Verandah Suite. We want a room right on the beach, which is something we cannot get at CN and just want a change of scenery. Any comments will be very much appreciated.
We have done the trading places to CSA a couple years ago but didn't stay the whole day. We are going to do that again this year but stay the entire day and sample the food and enjoy the beach. But unfortunately, we have to make a decision by April 24th and we aren't going until July.