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    Default CSA buffets 4 evenings per week ?

    It appears that CSA is now having evening buffets 4 times per week and that the menus in the other restaurants do not change with the same frequency as before----Is this part of some planned cutbacks ?

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    We stayed at CSA in February. While it is true that the Palms has added a buffet on Wednesday night, we were told this was to expedite seating so that they could accommodate the large crowds for the steel drum entertainment. Incidentally, we had dinner at Lemongrass on Wednesday evening. So a buffet is now available for dinner on Mondays (International Buffet) at the Palms and Fridays (Beachwreck ship party on the beach). I'm not sure what the fourth night is that you reference. And ala carte dining options are always available at other restaurants for dinner, whether it be Patois, Lemongrass or Feathers. Regarding the menus, it seemed to us that Patois rotated their menu every other night for dinner (plus there are always specials). We ate at Feathers twice, and the menu was different each time. Even the Cabana Grill and Seagrapes rotate their lunch menus every other day.

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    I read a lot that people think Palms is a buffet every night, I think because people see the pasta station/salad bar/cheeses/etc and think that is the meal. So the 4 nights a week could be an incorrect assumption, or just a mistake.

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    Did the menu at Palms change nightly on the ala carte evenings? Last stay some of our best meals were at Palms...10 nights till we return again!

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