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    Default One Love Bar Crawl May 12th

    We have booked a One Love Bus Bar Crawl for Sunday, may 12th. We would love for others to join!!! Lenbert said he will pick up at CSA at 2:25.

    We are also looking at a trip to The Pelican Bar on Thursday, may 16. Any body else interested?

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    No interest? That's disappointing! . Only 25 days until we go to paradise!

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    Go to the meetup forum for CSA and CN and post in the specific threads for those days. More targeted audience.

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    Don't worry about the lack of interest on the message board - we went in March (and had a great time). When Lenbert picked us up at CN there were 12 on the bus. By the time he had finished picking everybody up, there were 50 (he had reservations for 36)!

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    My husband and I have signed up for this date. We will be picked up at CN!!

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    Yeah Riddle!!!! Looking forward to meeting you.

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