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    Has anyone ever been to Niah's Patties? It's on 7 Mile Beach.

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    Yes, I"ve been there a number of times. Great patties! It has been a couple years tho.. last couple trips Niah's wasn't open when we walked by. I think he's not open as much during low season, at least that what it seems like to me.

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    Where exactly is it on the beach?

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    Niahs is located in the back of the Waves Event Lot on the beach. From CSA... turn left(facing the water) and look for the resort "Nirvana".. I think the Waves lot is right after that. You have to walk to the rear of the lot. ...Niahs stand is there.. not far from the beach road. If your walking the beach and see the Boat Bar.. you've gone too far. Its a little before that. Enjoy!

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    Niah's Patties are yummy! He makes them right in front of you. See the attached for more detailed info. He is located between the 2 and 3 km marker:

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    Thanks everyone!
    74 days till we're in paradise!!!

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