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    Just wondering if anyone has done the "Meet the People" experience offered through the Jamaican tourism board? My husband and I would like to do this hopefully we can meet up with a nurse and paramedic. If you have done it what has been your experience?


    Here's the website you aren't familiar with it:

    Jamaica Meet the People

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    My husband and I did the meet the people in 2011. We had a fabulous time. You are able to see a side of Jamaica that can not see on your own. The family we met was very friendly. We still talk via emails. It is a wonderful chance to make new friends.

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    Awesome thank you. I've been hearing mixed things about the experience. Some say that when they sign up nobody returns their call.

    Do you compensate them in anyway, I would feel bad not to but I don't want to offend them?

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    The first time we went to CTI I arranged a Meet the People Experience. It was wonderful to see their side of everything.
    As a retired FireMedic I arranged to visit a local Fire Station. The guide from Meet the People picked us up at the resort and took us to a local fire station. I had a chance to meet with the men there and spent a couple of hours with them.
    If you do this, go with an open mind. As our response time is measured in minutes, some of theirs are measured in hours. That is in their first reponse time. They told me about responses that they had to stop to fuel the truck in route.
    Their equipment on the fire side is very outdated, but the ambulances that we have seen seem to be more up to date.
    I would recommend this to anyone that really wants to see Jamacia!
    Phinns Up!

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    BruceandBrendaPa thanks for the information that's wonderful! My husband would be over the moon with an experience like that! We drove past the fire hall and he was excited, so hopefully we can work something out. We are heading to Haiti next winter so we are interested in how it will compare (I know it's completely different).

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    Make sure your husband takes a department "T" shirt with him. I was able to talk them into trading one of mine for one of theirs. It is the most treasures in my colection. It may take some talking but it can be done.
    Good Luck,
    Have Fun.
    Phinns Up

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    Thanks for the great tip I will do that for sure! He's pretty excited!

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