Yes more questions between the two! We have been to CSA and loved the beach, we stayed at another adults only in Ocho Rios and loved lush surroundings hated the cold weather and beach. Others have assured me the Weather is Ocho Rios will be warm in September do you agree???

So we are torn between CN (love the beach,whish there were more food options) and CTI (love the resort look, don't love the beach)

1). Is there a place to eat 24 hours? Some reviews say the grill closes at 2 am at CTI?

2). Sweet Potato chips, are they available at both resorts?

3). I believe thai is available at bothy correct. seriously miss their food!

4). Are there hot tubs and pools that we can use at night? We were able to do this at CSA and loved it.

5). Do both resorts do the beach bonfires? The last non couples we went to had a tiny fire on the beach (smaller than backyard fires), we offered to light to light the broken palapa on fire but they weren't into the idea.

6). Please just decide for me.