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    Default *********CTI vs CN Again*********

    Yes more questions between the two! We have been to CSA and loved the beach, we stayed at another adults only in Ocho Rios and loved lush surroundings hated the cold weather and beach. Others have assured me the Weather is Ocho Rios will be warm in September do you agree???

    So we are torn between CN (love the beach,whish there were more food options) and CTI (love the resort look, don't love the beach)

    1). Is there a place to eat 24 hours? Some reviews say the grill closes at 2 am at CTI?

    2). Sweet Potato chips, are they available at both resorts?

    3). I believe thai is available at bothy correct. seriously miss their food!

    4). Are there hot tubs and pools that we can use at night? We were able to do this at CSA and loved it.

    5). Do both resorts do the beach bonfires? The last non couples we went to had a tiny fire on the beach (smaller than backyard fires), we offered to light to light the broken palapa on fire but they weren't into the idea.

    6). Please just decide for me.

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    We booked CTI for 2 weeks in September!

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    Our first (3) trips were to CN, decided we needed a change of scenery, went to CSS. We enjoyed CSS, tried CTI last year, just booked CTI again tonight.

    1. the beach grill is supposed to be open 24 hours, it was open late but did not try later than
    2. do not remember it the chips were at CN but they sure were good at CTI
    3. Yes
    4. Yes
    5. Yes
    6. We have been to Negril many times and we do love bloody bay but CTI was fabulous. The beach was plenty big for our needs and if you want to try a/n the island is a great place to start.

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    The food at cti is amazing. The veggie bar and the people that work there are amazing! I don't believe there is anything like that at cn, but I wish there was. I personally think the Thai food at cn is superior to cti, but sitting on the water is amazing!
    If you are at all inclined to do the a.n. thing, the island is so special!!!
    I have been to both cn and cti twice. Both have amazing service.
    Give cti a try

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    CSS: 1
    CN: 11
    CTI: 67

    Hope that this helps.

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    Thanks everyone after that Wednesday escape CTI was an easy choice! We will be there for 2 weeks form September 5-19th!

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    I've been to CN and CTI.
    For the life of me, other than the veggie bar, I can't understand people saying the food variety at CTI is so much better than CN. At least at CN if you don't have a reservation at Otaheite, you have 2 other a la carte restaurants available, where there is only one at CTI.
    Also, the AN area at CN is so beautiful with the sand and the ability to float around in the ocean. We were so grossed out by the horrible smell of the washroom at CTI, which even wafted over to the pool area when we were there

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    Deputy you do bring up some good points and I was trying to figure out why so many think there's more variety. I'm not a fan of reservations but we can deal with it!

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