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    Default food allergies

    I have some food sensitivities. What is the best way to deal with this?

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    Don't eat foods you're sensitive to?

    In all seriousness, if you have certain allergies that would maybe kill you or make you deathly ill, ask the waiter about ingredients of the meals being served and make special requests for things to be omitted. Shouldn't be a problem.

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    If you contact the resort ahead of time, they will work with you...and then when you get there, meet with the chef and you will find they will do everything you need!

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    Just send an email. I sent mine this week and we leave in two weeks. I sent a detailed list. I am deathly allergic to honey and shell fish. I have varing degree of sentivity to basil, mint, citrus, tomato, shortening, fennel, black pepper, bacon, pickles, mayo, some cheese, some bread, etc, etc. We canceled last years trip because I was so sick, at the time I did not know it was food allegries. Drs thought it was shingles for over six months. I have to change almost all food. I was assured it would not be an issue. This is our fourth trip, my first with the allegries I am not the least bit concerned.

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    We went to CSS last year shortly after I was diagnosed with celiac. I emailed the resort beforehand about my special needs but was still really nervous about eating there. The head chef was AMAZING and came out every time we went to eat to explain what I could eat on the buffet or what my options were for dinner. They made a special appetizer, dinner and dessert for me every night it just took a little longer than normal. It was the best experience I've had and took the stress out of eating out at a restaurant. You shouldn't have any problems.
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    I also have celiac disease, and had a great experience at CTI last year. They were SO accomodating and informative about everything on the menu. Just make sure if it IS a gluten allergy, you say you are allergic to "flour" not "wheat". We had a few communication issues at the beginning where the server thought that wheat meant whole wheat, not ANY wheat flour.

    Once that was fixed, they were MUCH more accomodating than in the U.S. where my "I have celiac and can you please let me know what I can eat on your menu" is usually met with an eyeroll and longsuffering sigh by the server.
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