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    Default Almost feel like a traitor

    Tom and I have been to CN 7 times. With trip #8 already booked for Dec 2013.

    Problem is.....our 25th anniversary is May 2014. We have said over and over again...definitely going to do something for our 25th. But what? We talked many times of trying something different. SCARY, right? We love CN. How could we go somewhere and not keep comparing it to our favorite place? I have looked at literally hundreds of different resorts. Got advice from friends, our travel agent. Nothing seemed right....I mean.....wrist bands again? UGH. Paying for scuba....UGH. Even more horrifying...CHILDREN????? NOOOOOOOO!! And then.....the worst/best thing.....WONDERFUL promotions for all things Couples. what? ITS calling US. So I did something unimaginable....I booked CSS. WHAT?? CSS....yes, you heard me.....CSS. Now I am terrified and excited all at the same time. Will I like it there? What if I don't?? Could I love it MORE than CN? Such a blend of emotions. So I did what any reasonable person would do. I booked trip #9 to CN for Dec 2014.

    WHEW. I feel better.

    There is nothing that could feel better right now....3 trips to Couples booked.


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    We tried CSS after several trips to CN and had a great time. We still love CN and have been back each fall but CSS is a very close 2nd so we'll be back in May.

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    We are in a similar opposite boat right now. We just got back from our first visit to Couples, at CSS. Originally,we were going to explore all the resorts, one each year, to see which one we liked best. But after CSS, we don't want to miss a year of going there. It was PHENOMENAL!!!! So MY solution to the problem... We booked a split stay, 5 nights at Negril, followed by 9 nights at CSS. That way if we happen to not like Negril as much, our yearly vacation won't be totally disappointing, because we will still have CSS to look forward to. (still not sure about CTI or CSA, we did a day visit to CTI, and although the resort was ok, it wasn't nearly as beautiful as CSS, and the staff weren't nearly as friendly as CSS)

    374 days and counting until we are back home at Couples!!

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    Hi Melody.

    First congratulations on your upcoming 25th anniversary. Kim & I went to CSS last September and had the same concerns you have. We have been to Negril 12 times, and when a great deal came up, and we decided to try CSS. We stayed in a beachfront room (part of the deal). It is different than CN, but we enjoyed our stay. The grounds are beautiful, but there are a lot of steps. There is a lot of places to walk and explore.

    Are we glad we went to CSS... Yes
    Are we going back to CSS... Not likely, we like the beaches at CN better.

    Hope to see you & Tom in September at the 5th annual Couples Party!


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    CN has better beach, sunsets and weather. CSS has it's points but is an older property. We are CSA and maybe CN people. Tried CSS once. He refuses to go back. I might consider it if they updated the property some.

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    For our 25th. we decided to renew our vows. We did it at our favorite, Couples Ocho Rios then & CTI now
    and invited a lot of friends at their expense. Counting Jane & I, there were 21 other couples who came to the party at Couples(including one couple from England).

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    I believe you'll always stay in love with your first Couples Resort........CTI is our first and favorite. Been to Couples Negril and had a good time but felt like we were cheating on our true Love. This year we booked CSS for our 8 night trip and felt so bad about not staying at CTI that we booked another 5 nights so we could split our trip to each resort.

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    We had been to CN 2x, tried CSS last year. We still love CN, but now we give CSS a slight edge and plan to return to CSS next time. The beach is better at CN, but we found everything else better at CSS, and the beach view from the room at CSS more than made up for it since we couldn't justify the expense of a beach view room at CN. Bottom line, they are both amazing. Be open to CSS, try not to compare and just experience it and enjoy your anniversary!

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    My two favorite resorts........ Rest assured you will love CSS. Know the beach will not compare, BUT you will fall in love with the lush grounds! Personally feel it is THE most romantic of the 4. Exploring something new is fun, and there is so much to explore at CSS. Just wait!

    CN 06, 07
    CSS 08, 10
    CN tomorrow!!!!!!! Oh that sounds so good!

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    We have spent 2 weeks in both CTI and CSS. Our favourite is CN and have spent 8 weeks in total there. We too feel like traitors as we have booked CB for our 51 st Wedding Anniversary. There are lots of good incentives to book "Couples" on this beautiful island. Now that would be something memorable for your 25th!!

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    We love both CN and CSS, to us its like two different flavors of Ice Cream. Both are wonderful resorts. We have found CSS has a more romantic feel, while CN has better beaches, and is more compact.

    You will have a great trip. Congrats on your anniversary

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    Thanks all for you responses. I know not to expect the beautiful beach at CSS like CN. I think for all the reasons you stated is why we wanted to try it. I am hoping for more romantic, and I love the idea of the landscaping and all the walking paths to explore. I like that part. As far as the updating...I don't think that will bother me too much. I think I like the more lived in feel that Couples has.

    Hi John!!!!, I have every intention of making it to the New England PAR TAA if there is one!! I was so sad that I couldn't make it last year . Please say "HI" to Princess Kim for me!!

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    Don't get the wrong idea, the beach at CSS is great, just not quite as awesome as CN's!

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