Tom and I have been to CN 7 times. With trip #8 already booked for Dec 2013.

Problem is.....our 25th anniversary is May 2014. We have said over and over again...definitely going to do something for our 25th. But what? We talked many times of trying something different. SCARY, right? We love CN. How could we go somewhere and not keep comparing it to our favorite place? I have looked at literally hundreds of different resorts. Got advice from friends, our travel agent. Nothing seemed right....I mean.....wrist bands again? UGH. Paying for scuba....UGH. Even more horrifying...CHILDREN????? NOOOOOOOO!! And then.....the worst/best thing.....WONDERFUL promotions for all things Couples. what? ITS calling US. So I did something unimaginable....I booked CSS. WHAT?? CSS....yes, you heard me.....CSS. Now I am terrified and excited all at the same time. Will I like it there? What if I don't?? Could I love it MORE than CN? Such a blend of emotions. So I did what any reasonable person would do. I booked trip #9 to CN for Dec 2014.

WHEW. I feel better.

There is nothing that could feel better right now....3 trips to Couples booked.