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    Default Baby goats oh my gaaaah!

    Is anyone else totally in love with all the baby goats on the side of the road in Jamaica? just me? crazy? LOL! My family had a baby goat and a mama goat when i was a kid. They're so cool when they're little.

    Anyway, I just love them so much that im wondering if there is a "petting zoo" type thing?..zoo?..something like that around Negril? I dunno. I'm probably crazy in thinking that since the goats there are more like cows to us..ya know...sustanance. but ahhhh theyre so CUUUUTE! cant help myself hahaha

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    They are absolutely delicious.

    Goats are both lawnmowers and dinner in JA. I'm unaware of any petting zoo type place.

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    baaaahahahahahah i know isnt it terrible. they do taste good. i try not to think about it. cute little suckers!

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