Just a couple of questions;

#1) At Couples Negril, we are looking at booking a Garden Suite or Beachfront. My question is "are they all corner units"? I am trying to decide on what room category to book.
If anyone has an opinion on the rooms, I would love to hear about it!

#2) We are coming from another resort (we are going to be there for a wedding, but we don't want to stay at that resort, LOL. We intend to switch to CN) and I want to know if you have a shuttle that would pick us up or do we need to hire a car service?

#3) The 300 dollar resort credit for booking by April 24 2013, it says 300 in the description and it says 200 on the main description with all the discounts... Is it 200 or 300?

#4) This is our 2nd trip to a Couples resort (CSA 2012) is the repeater dinner a good time?

Ok... I think that's it, I hope you all can help me